About Our Foster Cats

When you visit Wags!, don't be alarmed if you hear a few meows! You'll often find a special cat or two from Cat Rescue and Adoption Network, living here until a forever home can be found. Our CRAN foster kitties usually love visitors, so don't hesitate to take a moment from shopping to pay them a visit. We are happy to arrange before or after-hour appointments for people who wish to socialize with the cats one on one.

Past Success Stories...

Buddy, Peanut, Junior, Womby, Stormy, Tobbias Meowkins, Suki, Tori, Conan, Jimmy, Cammie, Annie Mae, Bagheera, Ringo, Tori(second), Savannah, Apple, Peach, Guava, Loki, Bella, Stella, Kizmo, Polly Peachface, Peabody, BC, Elle, Princess Cleo, Romeo, O'malley, Blondie, Val, Charlie, Comfrey, Pumpkin, Mickie, Minnie, Bunny, Cowboy, Sailor, Tsunami, Marcus, Lucy, Mr. Black, Ms. Mars, Kahn, Rio, Amelia, Izzie, Toby, Francine, Rowdie, Tigger, Wunnie, Layla, Dally, Miss Mollie, Luni, Roxi, and Persimmon!


Sophia and Momo want to meet you!

Learn more about them on their Petfinder profile here.


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+1 (541) 225-4955
P.O. Box 72401
Springfield, OR 97475

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