Collars and Leashes

Lulu and Weezy

Wags! Dog Emporium has a wide variety of styles of dog collars and leashes from which to choose. Beyond being a fashion accessory, collars and leashes can offer an array of practical functions, such as use in training, safety and visibility, comfort, and identification.

At Wags! you’ll find select collars and leashes from quality designers like:

Lupine, Cycle Dog, RC Pets, Sweet Pickles Designs, Up Country, Wolfgang Man and Beast, and so many more.



Wags! Dog Emporium is also your one stop shop for harnesses. If you haven’t thought about a harness before, we highly recommend giving one a try. In recent years there's been a surge in new and unique harness designs. At Wags!, we personally evaluate each harness design and are excited to offer our customers a huge selection of styles that we know you and your dog will love.

Maggie in a front clip harnessOne popular new design is called a “front clip” harness, seen here on Wags! shop dog Maggie. These harnesses have a place to clip your leash near the breastbone rather than along the back of the dog. When your dog forges ahead, this leash position will actually turn your dog’s body back towards you, allowing you to regain control of your walk. The design also eliminates any damage to your dog’s sensitive trachea.

As always, the staff at Wags! are more than happy to help you find the style of harness that's right for you, and adjust it to your dog for the perfect fit.