Ralphie's Corner

Welcome to my corner! I'm Ralphie, Senior Shop Dog here at Wags! Dog Emporium. If you've visited Wags! we've probably met. On this page you’ll find all of my favorite things, along with reviews, bright ideas, and commentary from my best friends and fellow shop dogs. Be sure to check back often, I may be a little dog, but I have a lot to say!

My Favorite Chewies? Bully Sticks!

Not all bully sticks are the same.Wags! Carries only the best; very low odor, thick, and made and sourced in the USA of course! These are a much safer option than rawhide, and they have way more flavor! They help floss my teeth and keep be occupied for hours.

My Favorite Toys? Hide and Seek Plushies!

These hide-away toys are super exciting! Each little creature has a squeaker, and they all fit inside a bigger toy. There are a ton of different options, by my favorite are the monkeys in a banana, and the giraffes in a hut. The little guys are fun on their own, but even better when I get to pull them out from their hiding spots.